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Vents Magazine

“Sonically, this is one of the more ambitious releases to bear the Calling Adam moniker thus far in his career, but I wouldn’t say that all of his material is defined by production virtuosities alone. “You Will Always Be in My Memory,” “Give It to Me,” “Sunday in the Morning Sun” and “Distinguish Yourself Through Clouds of Smoke,” each in their own way, offers the listener with a sound driven almost solely by texture and tonality over pop hooks and simplistic grooves, scattering blunt emotionality between the ridges of rhythm that come between “In the Game We All Lose” and “Love Is True (Extended Mix).” Melodic substance is the top priority in every recording here, which is more than I can say about some of Calling Adams’ competitors’ 2020 output”

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“There’s still plenty of room for him to grow into this sound more than he already has, but right now, I’m really digging where Calling Adam is taking his sound with The Year of My Manifestation. Whether it be simplistic lyrical dialogue ala “In the Game We All Lose” or “Give It to Me” or stunning melodic moxie from “You Will Always Be in My Memory” and “Distinguish Yourself Through Clouds of Smoke,” this artist making it clear to the general public, and especially critics like myself, that he means business with his music, and I would say we should absolutely anticipate some great things from his output in the years to come”

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Indie Pulse Music

“In a nutshell, if there’s one thing that Calling Adam makes more than obvious to listeners on this record, it’s that he’s setting out to carve his own legacy in alternative music, which, as I see things, deserves a resounding round of applause all on its own”

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Independent music and arts, inc.

“There’s no shortage of interesting singer/songwriters coming out of the woodwork in the American underground right now, but of all the albums I’ve reviewed lately, this record stands out as being one of the most diversely-appointed of the lot”

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Gashouse Radio

“This is a fantastic album, and a great way of introducing the world to his artistry”

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