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The Year of My Mainifestation:

All songs written by John Paul Mabarak / Calling Adam Music (BMI)
Produced by Calling Adam
Calling Adam Records

Calling Adam: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, acoustic piano, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Drums: Ryan Macmillan
Saxaphone: Johnnie Evans
Percussion: Skeeto Valdez
Organ keyboard: Chris Codish
Backing vocals: Abigail Stauffer
Backing vocals on “Amy”: Mella Barnes, Courtney Grace and Richard Cherwalk

Studios album was recorded at: Konscious Studios (Drums), 4th Street Recording Studio (Bass guitar tracks 1-9), Santa Monica CA. Tempermill Studio, Ferndale MI (various multiple overdubs) many of the overdubs such as vocals, some guitars and keyboards recorded by Calling Adam.

A very special thanks to Erik Maluchnik at Tempermill Studio for his engineering skills and great working relationship over the last few years.

All songs mixed by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound, Studio City CA unless otherwise noted*

“Boston Song” and “Amy” stems mixed by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound final mix by Calling Adam*
“Once in a Lifetime” music stems mixed by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound, vocal stems mixed by Greg Reilly at the Disc Recording Studio in Eastpointe MI, final mix by Calling Adam*

Mastered at The Foxboro by Mike Cervantes
Photography: Marquis White at Enigmaw Studios
Album Artwork: Ross Barber-Smith at Electric Kiwi

I’d like to thank my friends and family for their love and support through the years, special thanks to Paul Chase for his support and friendship, special thanks to the musicians and engineers I’ve worked with on this album and most importantly I thank God for getting me through this process which took me three and a half years to finish.

Special thanks to the staff at Third Man Pressing in Detroit MI for their help in getting me through the process of printing the vinyl record. You guys are the best!

As with any creative endeavor it’s easy to start but difficult to finish and I truly am grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for inspiration and encouragement without which I definitely couldn’t get this record completed. My hope is that he is glorified through this work of my hands.

There are some song dedications on this album which I would like to list below:

“Distinguish Yourself Through Clouds of Smoke” is dedicated to my late friend Tom Sloan artistically known as the Creature.

“Give It To Me” is dedicated to my late friend Scott Mossman.

“In The Game We All Lose” was written during the financial crises of 2009 when I saw many people lose their homes here in metro Detroit. This song is really about the bust cycle of any economy and it’s effect on all of us.

“Amy” is dedicated to my dear friend Aimee Ladrique.

“Once in a Lifetime” is probably my favorite song on the album and deals with the loss of my engagement to my fiancé at the time I composed this song.

“You Will Always Be In My Memory” was not originally dedicated to anyone when I wrote the song but after dealing with the loss of my Mother in 2013 it kind of grew into a song that is dedicated to her when I started producing the song. Lyrically it’s not really related to my Mom yet with her loss being so fresh to me at the time I started this album I couldn’t help but think of her when I was working on it. Love you forever Mom!

I’d like to thank Johnnie Evans for his sax work on this album. I can’t say enough great things about this man’s talent!
I’d also like to thank Chris Codish, Skeeto Valdez and Abigail Stauffer for performing on my record!
A very special thanks to Ryan Macmillan! The best studio drummer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!
Special thanks to Mella Barnes, Courtney Grace and Richard Cherwalk for their backing vocals on “Amy”.

I hope this album can bring as much joy to you as it does to me when I listen to it.
I truly am grateful for this opportunity to present my music to you the listener!

Many blessings to everyone!
May God bless you all!

-John Paul Mabarak