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Single Release – I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)11 / 20 / 2016

This is Calling Adam’s remake of the classic disco song as originally recorded by Alicia Bridges. As an artist/producer I’ve utilized some of Detroit’s finest veteran studio musicians on this song and this song features the vocal talents of Abigail Stauffer on the chorus.

The musician line-up for this track:
John Mabarak: vocals, guitars, bass
Abigail Stauffer: vocals
Beth Griffith-Manley: backing vocals
Johnnie Evans: Saxaphone
Skeeto Valdez: Drums and percussion
Chris Codish: Piano and keyboards

I hope you enjoy this remake. I made a radio edit version of this song because my original version of this song with the sax solo and percussion breakdown is 6 minutes long!

I must admit I do enjoy the long version of this song but I have the radio edit version since I know 6 minutes is a bit long for the average listener. The extended version is my personal favorite!

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